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Why use online software to manage your invoicing and billing?

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Whether you're a business owner, an independent worker or a freelancer, there are many benefits to letting online software manage your invoices. That's why we created Silex. We know what you need because we're entrepreneurs too.

« I spend too much time dealing with my invoices and my bookkeeping when I could be developing my business! »
« I have no idea how this VAT billing works! »
« I can't find that invoice anywhere! »
« I've got so many unpaid invoices... »
« I'm the sole trader, I can't afford an accountant! »
Save time

Optimize the time you have and manage your clients: we'll take care of your billing and invoices

The time you spend drawing up your quotes, bills and invoices and looking for them in your files is time you could be spending on developing your business.

Our online Silex invoicing software saves you from all that. You'll never leave out important legal notices, company identification numbers, VAT rates or such information, allowing you to focus on the essentials: developing your company.

You enter your information once and for all and the software will fill in future bills and invoices so that they conform to the law and accounting regulations. Your invoices are also personalized and look stylish.

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Easy-to-access data

All your quotes, invoices and accounting records easily accessible online

« What was the amount on invoice n°1345201? »
« What are our supplier's billing information and VAT number? »
« Do you remember on which day we sent the quote to the client? »

The features on the online invoicing software Silex give you quick and easy access to all the data you need. It also allows you to share documents with your accountant.

Easy to use, our invoicing management software is (despite its name: Silex means flint in French) a real digital Swiss army knife aimed at sole traders, SME owners, artists and other professionals, who are always more mobile and well-connected.

Our invoicing software is available on all your devices, computer, smartphone and tablet.

Get paid faster

Manage your unpaid invoices automatically and track your spending

With our online invoicing software you can create bills and invoices in a few easy steps, while accessing the dashboard to track your spending, revenue and cashflow.

Silex invoice management software helps you build and develop your business thanks to innovative new features that send automated online payment reminders to forgetful customers.

automatic dunning with silex

The entrepreneur's choice

Online management software: the best option for companies and business owners' invoicing.

Our clients have encountered various challenges while developing their business, including managing expenditure better when working as a building contractor, how a sole trader can track cash flow without resorting to an accountant, including VAT easily on invoices when running an SME, or making sure that no legal notices are left out on an invoice.

Work from anywhere with an online invoicing solution.

We have also developed our invoicing software so that it takes into account different types company (from sole proprietorship to LLCs) and to all different types of activity (sales, construction, medical, industry, communications and marketing, logistics, consultancy, etc).

After all, different types of company are run in different ways, and different types of customer issue different invoices.

You all have different jobs, but we only have one: assisting you with your invoice management and bookkeeping. What do we have in common? We do it with the same passion!

We are aware that you need time to develop your business, and it's what we kept in mind when we created the exclusive features included in our online invoice management software. These will allow you to:

  • Use reliable invoice and quote templates.
  • Reduce time wasted when communicating with customers
  • Access your accounting documents easily
  • Track company cashflow
  • Make the paperwork easier (we know what a nightmare it can be!)
  • Be paid on time.

The world is at your fingertips, as are your invoices!

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