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Silex manages invoicing and expenses
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In short
You're in good hands

Compliant with anti-fraud laws
Contains all the required information
Performant and intuitive
Agile, intuitive, fast, powerful
Optimized for mobiles & tablettes
Safe & secure
Access secured by SSL, daily
backups, cutting-edge tech

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So here's the deal
How it Works

Estimates and Invoices
Invoice in 30 secs
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  • Effortlessly quote and invoice
  • Issue beautiful invoices matching your brand and conditions
  • Be compliant with the law
  • Send estimates & invoices directly from the app
  • Always be up to date with your invoicing follow up
  • Optimize payment delays
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Expense management
Save time: trade
effectively with your
  • Simple transmission of receipts (photo, email, drag&drop)
  • Connection to your bank
  • Automatic bank reconciliation (matching)
  • Automatic receipt analysis
  • Secure storage
  • Dedicated access for your accountant
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Optimized steering of your business
Control your business
Make the best decisions
  • Monitor your turnover
  • Anticipate your expenses
  • Analyze the performance of your business
  • Identify areas for improvement
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