Manage unpaid invoices

Don't waste any more time chasing late payments

Manage unpaid invoices

As a business person, you may have to deal with unpaid invoices and it's best to be prepared. Overdue payments put you in financial difficulty and waste precious time. Recovery procedures are long and tedious, with dunning letters, bailiffs' involvement and so on. Even if you contact a collection agency, the cost can be off-putting. All this prevents you from focusing on your business, which is why we've created Silex to assist you!

Your bank transactions automatically checked to detect payments
Save time

Have an overview of your unpaid invoices

A recap of your unpaid invoices and late payments is constantly updated and accessible

See at a glance who still hasn't paid: you'll no longer have to check your bank account and the invoicing references. We will notify you when a payment is due. Connecting Silex to your bank account makes it a key support tool.

More than just a quote and billing tool, Silex is your company's strategic partner.

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Activate automated reminders

Don't get bogged down in follow-ups

Automate unpaid invoice management

If a company is late paying, it's time to send them a reminder. Sometimes a quick call or email will resolve the situation without hard feelings. Thanks to its software, Silex sends automated reminders to your customers.

If you'd rather manage your reminders yourself, you can set your notifications so that you (and only you) receive a reminder when a customer's payment is overdue.

Manage unpaid invoices
Activate automated reminders
Use an invoicing software like Silex on any computer, mobile or tablet.
Your data always available

Settle disputes faster

Access your invoices and send your customers reminders wherever and whenever you need to

The procedure to settle a customer dispute can be long and tedious, and very stressful! One way of making it shorter is to have all the paperwork close to hand. Silex allows you to archive all your accounting documents in one place which is a huge advantage! No more searching through files to find the different documents needed. You don't have time to go diving into all that!

Your data is secure and encrypted, guaranteeing the highest confidentiality. Benefit from our secure data storage systems.

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A sensitive procedure

Chasing unpaid invoices is also part of your admin

What's the difference between accounts receivable and overdue payments?

In most cases, your customer doesn't pay as soon as the service is delivered. A certain amount of time will go by between the end of the job and the moment where you receive payment. The amount due is called accounts receivable. If it is not settled by the payment due date as stated on the invoice, it is an overdue payment.

Get free of the unpaid management stress

As a result, it's necessary to keep a close eye on all payments that you receive, and more importantly the ones you should have received to make sure that these problems are resolved quickly and don't damage your cashflow.
Of course, chasing payments is not your core business and you don't want to waste precious time, so why not delegate?

Unpaid invoices and cash flow problems are major stress factors for independent workers and business owners.

What to do if a payment is overdue?

If a payment is overdue, there are several ways to settle the situation. Of course it is always best to reach an agreement (saving time and money) but it's sometimes necessary to be more forceful to receive what's due. Here are some steps to consider when dealing with late payments. You may need to adapt this depending on you country.

1 - Send a reminder

Maybe your client simply forgot to transfer the money. Sometimes just sending a reminder by email or calling them is enough and it's always best to reach a friendly agreement!

2 - Give them formal notice

Still haven't received payment? You can send them a formal notice by registered mail or have a court bailiff issue one. This is generally followed by a court case (in some cases it is a necessary step to start legal proceedings).

3 - Order for payment (if relevant in your country)

By giving them formal notice you've granted your customer a new payment deadline. But if they still haven't paid by then you are entitled to start an order for payment procedure.

4 - Legal action

In some cases the only way to get paid is to start legal action. In this case it is the summons to court that will start poceedings.

In case of an overdue invoice, send a reminder to get paid
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Simplify procedures with Silex

Track payments and be notified when an invoice is due for payment. The connection between Silex and your bank automatically checks and tracks. In the case of a dispute Silex assists you with reminders, document archiving and so on. Offload this time-consuming task!